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Denise’s hints and tips to help you get the most out of your golf game

Denise is posting regular videos to help you keep up with your golf during the Covid-19 lockdown. She hopes they’ll ease your frustrations!

Covid-19 practice: Distance control putting drill
Hi guys here is today’s putting tip. This is a great drill for distance control plus line. You need 2 sheets of A4 paper. Start around 3 foot away then move back. Practice with a purpose to improve your control! #staysafe

Covid-19 practice: Another putting drill

Hi guys here is another putting drill. It’s all about improving your start line and a bit of distance control too. You could do this indoors or out on the putting green. Improve your start line, hole more putts. #staysafe

Covid-19 practice: Talk about posture

Hi guys, today we are going to talk about posture. To play good golf you need to be in a good balanced position at set up. As a kid I was told to have my back sooo straight and keep my chin up, I found it hard to see the ball. Make sure you can see the ball at your set up and have a little neck tilt! #staysafe


Covid-19 practice: Your balance and shoulder turn

Hi guys, today’s task is a good one to help you work on your balance and shoulder turn. Try it first in a practice swing, then hit some shots, I think you will be surprised how good you can hit it with you back ( trail) leg back. It really will help with your turn and balance! #staysafe

Covid-19 practice: Maintaining your inclination to the ground

Today’s question is, have you been told to keep your head down as you lift your head up in the back swing? Well this is the drill for you. It’s all about maintaining your inclination to the ground. NOT keeping your head down. Give it a go! #staysafe

Covid-19 practice: Hitting your short putts at the right pace

Today drill is all about hitting your short putts at the right pace. If there is one thing I hate is a putt that looks like it’s going in …..but it just leaks to the side as it runs out of steam. A nice drill to do indoors or out. Build your confidence at hitting those short putts at a good pace. Give it a go! #staysafe

Covid-19 practice: Pitching and club face control

Today’s tip is about pitching and club face control. Using a chop stick or ruler attached to the shaft with blu tack will give you a great visual for feed back. It’s about being aware of the club face. #staysafe

Covid-19 practice: Practice putting without your socks on!

Hi guys this is another putting drill. The question is do you know were your weight is, and where the pressure is in your feet when you putt? It’s important for your balance!… So come on, take the socks off, you know you want to!! (Lol 😜#staysafe

Covid-19 practice: Putting drill that will help you keep your hand wrists and arms all working together

Hi guys, this is a putting drill that will help you keep your hand wrists and arms all working together. All you need is a tennis ball to help. If we have more connection between them we have a better chance to improve your putting! Give it a go! #staysafe

Covid-19 practice: Do you use the putter as an extra leg?

Today’s question is do you use the putter as an extra leg?? And just how smooth is your putting stroke? If you struggle, with things like that well this is the drill for you! A good one to practice on a day indoors. #staysafe

Covid-19 practice: Maintaining your inclination to the ground

Today’s tip is about maintaining your inclination to the ground in your golf swing. I see soo many people lift there head and move off the ball in the backswing and through swing, so here is something you can try if you are one of those people… the head on the wall drill is such a good one! #staysafe

Covid-19 practice: Body movements when putting

Today’s drill is to find out if you have much or any lower body movements when you are putting. It’s so important to keep your lower body very still as any swaying at all will affect your putting. You just need something to lean on, so put a chair on your lead side. Outside on the putting green you could use an alignment pole stuck in the ground and feel you don’t move away from it. #staysafe

Covid-19 practice: Your arms and body in the swing

Today’s tip is great drill to get a sequence between your arms and body in the swing, with check points to help! Remember to get into you correct golf posture first! #staysafe

Covid-19 practice: Keep your eyes still!

This tip is one I use all the time, it really does help keep your eyes still and then your head… use your ears, listen to the ball drop in the hole… Leaving a coin between the ball and face to help your practice and then use the gap between the ball and the putter face when you play, this will help keep your eyes still. #staysafe

Covid-19 practice: Make 10 on the bounce

This is another putting drill. It’s about putting yourself under a bit of pressure. Making 10 in a row from 4 different lengths, but if you miss you have to start again!! I did this one about 3 weeks ago, but now you can go outside this is one you can do on the putting green too. Enjoy your practice guys! #staysafe

Covid-19 practice: Do you sway?

Today’s question is do you sway? If you do then this is a good one to help you improve your hip and shoulder turn. It will also help to see if you are making a complete shoulder turn in the swing! #staysafe

Covid-19 practice: Another putting drill

Another putting drill. You task is to put your head on the wall. This will check to see if you move away from the wall or from side to side. This is something I did as a kid growing up when I was told I was moving way too much when I was putting. It will give you the feeling of just how still your body is with the feel of your shoulder rocking! #staysafe

Covid-19 practice: 2 tins and some string...

Today’s drill you are going to need 2 tins and some string. The idea is to see if you can keep your ball rolling under the string. Have a go, you can make this as long as you like. #staysafe

Covid-19 practice: Getting your putting start line right

Hi golfers, today’s tip is about getting your start line right with your putting. Here indoors I am using 2 lots of pound coins, but outside on the green you can use tee pegs instead! Improved your start line, make more putts! #staysafe

Covid-19 practice: Do you move off the ball in the back swing?

This tip is to see if you move off the ball in the back swing. All the best players throughout time have stayed pretty centred in the golf swing, so the question is, do you? All you need is sunshine! Give this a go! #staysafe

Covid-19 practice: Connection and extension

Today’s drill is about connection and extension. This will help keep your arms straight through impact and help with your follow through. You will need a small ball and or some toilet roll. #staysafe

Covid-19 practice: Do you hit the ball from the putter face?

Today’s tip is another putting one. The question is Do you hit the ball from the putter face? Well give this one a go and let me know…. oh yes, you will need an old lipstick!! #staysafe

Covid-19 practice: All about low point!

Hi guys, today’s task is all about low point! The point on the ground where you hit….how good is yours? This tip is how to improve it. You just need a white line, I have used dry shampoo, you could use paint, or even practice this is a practice bunker, draw a line in the sand and hit the sand on or after the line!! Have a go ! #staysafe

Covid-19 practice: Rock the shoulders!

Today’s drill is rock the shoulders! But 1st make sure your shoulders are square and on line to your target with the help of the small pole under your arms! Remember to keep your lower body still when putting too.

Today at 2pm I will be doing a live putting lesson on Instagram with the Worlds Biggest Golf Lesson @denisegolf

Thank you as always #staysafe

Covid-19 practice: Improved contact and connection

Today’s drill is about improved contact and connection with arms and body. I really like this drill as it hits home just how important it is to control the arms and body together. The 1 arm drill is great too, please have ago and let me no how your doing. #staysafe

Covid-19 practice: Control the putter face

Today’s task is to control the putter face. You have 2 balls about a grip length a part, you hit ball 1 in to ball 2… and see if ball 2 rolls straight!! Give it ago! #staysafe

Covid-19 practice: Short chip and run

Today’s tip is about set up for a short chip and run. You need a narrow stance and have the ball forward of center weight about 60-40 lead leg but the most important thing is to have the club sitting on its toe, (the ball will come off the face a little softer. ) Remember if you try this indoors use plastic balls!! You can use any club from a 7 iron down. Have a go and let me no how it’s going. #staysafe

Covid-19 practice: Consistent contact

Today’s tip is about working on that consistent contact with the ball and to get that end over end roll on your putts. Plus a bit of colouring in lol ! #staysafe

Covid-19 practice: As high as you can as quick as you can

Today’s drill is to get the ball as high as you can as quick as you can as the poles and ribbon are only 1 meter away and to land it in the bowl… but please remember to open the club face first before you grip it! Go on give it ago and slam dunk in the bowl!! #havefun #staysafe

Covid-19 practice: Club face on impact

For today’s drill you will need a pillow and your pitching wedge. This is to help you get the feeling that your hands lead the club face at impact, no flipping the hands !! BUT remember to only use small swings. You could wrap your pillow with a blanket to make the contact feel more solid! #staysafe

Covid-19 practice: Good contact with the putter face

For today’s drill you will need your putter tee pegs and blu tack. This is to work on good contact with the putter face and to see were the face is pointing after impact. #staysafe

Covid-19 practice: Improve your angle of attack

Today’s task is to help improve your angle of attack. Your hands will lead the club head so we get ball first. You can start with short shots then lead up to  longer shots… have ago. #staysafe

Covid-19 practice: 5 tee drill

Today’s drill is the 5 tee drill… knock them down but with control of distance. Then move back and make the drill harder. #staysafe

Covid-19 practice: Pitching with corks

Today’s  tip… if you don’t have plastic balls to practice indoors you can use a wine cork….don’t smash or brake anything!! #staysafe

Covid-19 practice: Putter face contact challenge

Today’s task is to see if you can get great contact from your putter face. Use some tape and a 20p. This will show how good your contact off the putter face is. Then make it harder with a 5p. Enjoy the challenge. #staysafe

Covid-19 practice: 3 ball challenge

Hiya, today’s task is a 3 ball challenge. I have my Mizuno towel out there and what you have to do is to hit the 1st ball short of the towel, 2nd over and the 3rd on! Changing the target for every shot will help with you distance control… give it a go! #staysafe

Covid-19 practice: A drill to to check the path of your putt

Today’s drill is to check the path of your putt and to knock down the tees. Keep up the practice stay strong and healthy… #staysafe

Covid-19 practice: Improve your start line

Today’s task is to improve your start line from 6 ft away and hit the 3 poles then make it harder by hitting 2 etc. Enjoy the challenge!

Covid-19 practice: It’s all about a stable club face!

Hi there, hope everyone is fit and well. Today you need 2 tee pegs blu tack your wedge and plastic balls….it’s all about a stable club face!! #staysafe

Covid-19 practice: Do you have travelling fruit?

The question today is ….do you have travelling fruit?? #staysafe

Covid-19 practice: Putting: use your EARS!

The next indoor putting task is to use your EARS!! Try to practice this drill and listen to the ball ( hit the bottle lol) but out doors go in the hole, it’s not easy as we all want to see it go in, give it a go and learn to keep your eyes still, this will keep your head still too. #staysafe

Covid-19 practice: Another one to try in the garden

Another one to try in the garden. Of course you can use other things to put on the poles as targets, your task is to hit them….then change the distance, fun in the garden but please don’t break anything lol as always #staysafe

Covid-19 practice: A drill for putting

Hi ya, here is today’s drill for putting. You will need elastic bands or blu tack depending on what sort of putter you have, so let’s improve your contact! #staysafe

Covid-19 practice: It’s all about woooosh!

Hi guys here is today’s video, it’s all about woooosh!! But let’s get it in the right place!! #staysafe

Covid-19 practice: in the garden with your brolly

Morning people I hope all is well, here is today’s video, in the garden with your brolly. This is one I did as a kid growing-up in Liverpool…. As always please #staysafe

Covid-19 practice: A4 size paper target

Here is another video if you are stuck indoors. You can start with A4 size paper then cut it in two, then end up with a £20 note …..if you have one left! As always please #staysafe

Covid-19 practice: A chance to work on contact

Hi guys here is another quickie. I like this one a lot as it gives you the chance to work on contact, ie ball 1st and then try and control the height of the shot. I was using my 56 deg sand iron, but you can use your lob wedge and pitching wedge. Work on different heights and trajectory… #staysafe

Covid-19 practice: Keep up with your putting practice

Morning guys, another video on how you can keep up with your putting practice indoors. It’s not a bad thing to check your alignment and path! As always #staysafe

Covid-19 practice: Swing two iron clubs to warm up

Hi guys here is another quick tip you can try , out in the garden this time. Swinging 2 iron clubs can really help you warm up before a round too, but right now it’s about keeping you going & possibly trying new things! #staysafe

Covid-19 practice: Here's one to get you going

Bad shots happen to us all

If you are in long grass or perhaps under trees it’s what we do next that is important.

The aim must be to get out and the first question to ask yourself is ‘where do I want to be for the next shot?

If you are still 200 yards from the green in long grass do not reach for your 3 wood because that might take you only 15 yards. May be better to take an 8 or 9 iron and get the ball back into play.

Just don’t waste more shots; take your medicine and play the next shot from the fairway, even if there is still, say, 160 yards to go.

Let the loft be your friend; hit onto the fairway and give yourself a chance to hit the green with the next shot. Don’t be silly or greedy; play like a pro!

More uses for alignment sticks

Try jamming one inside the butt end of the grip. The long end can rest on your hip.

Alignment sticks

Now make some short swings.

The purpose of this practice is to keep your arms straight throughout this short swing. It will also help you to keep the club head square.

Alignment sticks

This is a great practice keeping the club face stable and especially good for chipping.

Alignment sticks — I love them

These are by far and away the most useful tool available for golfers.

I really do think everyone should have them in their golf bag for practicing.

They are great for working on the mechanical side of the game.

The first important use is to align yourself to the target.

The second important use is to help getting the perfect ball position.

The only issue might be if you are hitting off grass — if the stick gets in the way just tee the ball up

Teeing the ball up is great.

The starting line in putting

Here is another good drill to help you improve the starting line with your putting.

Theses alignment poles are called ALIGNMENT PRO and they are useful for so many things. This month it’s with putting. What you do is find a straight putt around 6 foot, then bend as you can see in the photo one of the poles and point it at the hole. This will act as a nice alignment aid for you. Now hit some putts and use the stick as a starting point for your practice.

I really like these as the are so versatile.

putting practice with Alignment Pro

putting practice with Alignment Pro

putting practice with Alignment Pro

Putting alignment

This is a great way to check your alignment, and very simple to do.

All you need is an old hotel room card. Place your golf ball at one end of it with your line (if you use one) pointing at the hole or target, then address the ball with the line on your ball running the same way as the line on your putter. This is a useful tool to see if you are square on to the target and to see if the club is square too.

putting alignment

Improve contact

This is a fab drill to help you with hitting the ground in the right place making sure we hit the BALL FIRST.

What to do is paint a line on the ground and place the balls on the TARGET side. Now go on and hit some iron shots. What you should see is your divots should be AFTER  the line (target side), this will tell you your contact is good. What we don’t want to see is the divots on the back side of the line. This is about improving you low point. If you cannot get a paint line you can use 2 clubs and make sure the divot is AFTER the clubs…

If you are having a problem, contact me!

Shoulder alignment

This is one area that can go wrong sooo easy even without you noticing.

Just because your feet and hips are square to the ball to target line does not mean your shoulders are! If they are in the wrong position you will hit shots off line.

A good way to check this is to get a friend to put a pole/alignment stick across your shoulders, or you could strap a pole across your chest, this is easy to do and will help you see if your upper body is perfectly in line with your lower body.

A real must, so keep an eye on it!!

Center line

Take an alignment cane and position it approx’ 10 paces in front of your ball, directly on the ball to target line. This cane now represents your “center line”. Hit various shots either side of the cane focusing initially on initial start direction (establishes outer edge of your shot cone) before then creating the required curve (hopefully without crossing your center line). This drill is an ideal way to bring the range to life and an excellent way of developing ball control. After a session or two you will start to notice a preferred shot that is reliable and some of the weaker areas that need development.

Your practice

I feel a vital point of all practice is to have a point, don’t just beat ball after ball aimlessly on the range- go with a purpose. This might be to change your grip, or a backswing position. Establish exactly what you want to achieve and reflect while you are practicing whether you are hitting your goal. If you are, reinforce. If not adjust and correct!

In-door putting drills

hints and tipsIf the weather is not too good outside, here is an easy drill to help your contact and direction with your putting.

You need some blu tack 2 small pencils and your putter.

Simply put some blu tack on each pencil and put them on your putter face (I would say about 1 ½ apart)

Now give yourself a target and hit putts without hitting the pencils.

Another way would be rap some elastic bands on each side of your putter for a similar drill!!

How I teach golf

Listen to a podcast where Denise talks about where, with what technology and how she teaches the greatest game ever invented.

Thought you might like to know that your tuition on Mon 17th really seems to have sunk in and yesterday on our Ladies day s/ford I came in with 43 points.  It was just one of those days when everything (nearly) just flowed.  So I am on “cloud 9” that my handicap has been cut to from 23.1 to 20.3. 

I know I need to concentrate on my short game – an another aspect going on “between the ears” – being able to cut-off from sounds and movements when taking shots.  The slightest thing seems to infiltrate so easily. 

Many thanks again, and hope to see you soon.


This is to say many thanks for ensuring we had such a brilliant time at Valle del Este. I feel that I’ve really benefitted from your tuition, help and encouragement. Can’t wait for the weather to improve so that I can get out on the course to put it all into practice. Jenny and I had such a great week with you all and have missed not just the golf and sun but the company. Your ears must be burning as we’ve not stopped singing your praises!

Thanks again


Thankyou so much for giving me such a lovely holiday, despite the little problems. I have never seen a teacher give so much help to everyone, we deserve to all be in single figures!

Went to play a few holes and the swing was much improved even going straight! Will let you know if I win a turkey tomorrow!!!

I really appreciate all your help, and will see you soon.


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