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Denise’s hints and tips to help you get the most out of your game

April — shoulder alignment
This is one area that can go wrong sooo easy even without you noticing.

Just because your feet and hips are square to the ball to target line does not mean your shoulders are! If they are in the wrong prostitution you will hit shots off line.

A good way to check this is to get a friend to put a pole/alignment stick across your shoulders, or you could strap a pole across your chest, this is easy to do and will help you see if your upper body is perfectly in line with your lower body.

A real must, so keep an eye on it!!

March — center line
Take an alignment cane and position it approx’ 10 paces in front of your ball, directly on the ball to target line. This cane now represents your “center line”. Hit various shots either side of the cane focusing initially on initial start direction (establishes outer edge of your shot cone) before then creating the required curve (hopefully without crossing your center line). This drill is an ideal way to bring the range to life and an excellent way of developing ball control. After a session or two you will start to notice a preferred shot that is reliable and some of the weaker areas that need development.
February — your practice
I feel a vital point of all practice is to have a point, don’t just beat ball after ball aimlessly on the range- go with a purpose. This might be to change your grip, or a backswing position. Establish exactly what you want to achieve and reflect while you are practicing whether you are hitting your goal. If you are, reinforce. If not adjust and correct!
January — in-door putting drills
hints and tipsIf the weather is not too good outside, here is an easy drill to help your contact and direction with your putting.

You need some blu tack 2 small pencils and your putter.

Simply put some blu tack on each pencil and put them on your putter face (I would say about 1 ½ apart)

Now give yourself a target and hit putts without hitting the pencils.

Another way would be rap some elastic bands on each side of your putter for a similar drill!!

How I teach golf

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Thought you might like to know that your tuition on Mon 17th really seems to have sunk in and yesterday on our Ladies day s/ford I came in with 43 points.  It was just one of those days when everything (nearly) just flowed.  So I am on “cloud 9” that my handicap has been cut to from 23.1 to 20.3. 

I know I need to concentrate on my short game – an another aspect going on “between the ears” – being able to cut-off from sounds and movements when taking shots.  The slightest thing seems to infiltrate so easily. 

Many thanks again, and hope to see you soon.

This is to say many thanks for ensuring we had such a brilliant time at Valle del Este. I feel that I’ve really benefitted from your tuition, help and encouragement. Can’t wait for the weather to improve so that I can get out on the course to put it all into practice. Jenny and I had such a great week with you all and have missed not just the golf and sun but the company. Your ears must be burning as we’ve not stopped singing your praises!

Thanks again Gerry

Thankyou so much for giving me such a lovely holiday, despite the little problems. I have never seen a teacher give so much help to everyone, we deserve to all be in single figures!

Went to play a few holes and the swing was much improved even going straight! Will let you know if I win a turkey tomorrow!!!

I really appreciate all your help, and will see you soon.


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