Tavira golf school I was really excited to be taking this Golf School Group here. Last year was, let’s say, not the best with the weather being poor and the hotel food – I would not Know where to start! Tavira is 1st Class and I am happy to report 100% better than last year. I would be happy to come here again.

On the first day we worked on the range making sure that as a group, and individuals, we got the basics correct. Good grip, ball position, arms straight, being sure to hit the ball before the ground and oh yes!, a bit of good balance, also. Everyone got to grips with the important low point. It was such a bonus to have good weather, so much so that June put her sun brolly up, Lol. After a really lovely lunch we played the Ria course. I walked with each of the groups doing some video as we went along.

On day 2 we split into 2 groups. This gives me more time with each individual. The Red group went off to play 9 holes and I went with the Blue group over to the range to work on their long game. I concentrated on making sure everyone understood how to analyse what goes wrong when they hit a bad shot. We progressed on to working on long pitch shots from 30 to 50 yards on the fantastic short game area. Again the weather was great and after lunch the Blue group went off to play 9 holes and put into practice what they had worked on during the morning. I joined the Red group on the short game area for short pitching and chipping as well as putting. At 3.00pm they went to play the back 9 .

I switched the groups around on day 3 to ensure that everyone got plenty of tuition and coaching. I am very pleased to say that this has worked great and provides plenty of variety in coaching and playing. The next day was a free day with some resting in the sunshine, some practicing and some went off to the local town for lunch. For me, an early run, breakfast, some important practice and sunshine – lovely.

The fourth day was given over initially to how to handle bunkers. There are 3 different club face positions to be used according how the ball is lying. It’s always great fun watching how individuals

try out the techniques – so many clubs at home do not have good bunker practice areas, so this provides a great opportunity to practice and improve. We then moved over to the practice area where I used a little idea of putting dry shampoo on the face of the clubs. This is a good trick to show precisely the contact with the ball. It shows visually whether the strike is central or off centre and gives you a chance to work out why the ball flight is not where intended. It is great to see players quickly understand, learn and correct the contact with the ball. After another great lunch we played the Ria Course. It is very scenic along side the beach with views out over the Atlantic.

As is always the case, the final day came around too quickly. The group set off with a card in their hands to play a stableford competition. After lunch we set up a par 18 course and I don’t think any of them had played such a game. It was great to see the outcome. The stableford winner with a fantastic 36 points was June and the par 18 winner was Jeff.

This was a great week with lovely people in the sunshine at the Portugal Robinson Club Tavira.

Thank you guy’s it has been a blast and I really look forward to hearing how you get on back home.


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