My husband and I met Denise for the first time at Islantilla, Spain in May of this year. We have both been playing golf for about 8 months and had been improving albeit it slowly – both of us had just broken the magical 100 barrier but only just. After spending a week with Denise our games have moved to a new level and more importantly we really understand what we need to do and what we need to not do!!! One of the first things Denise did was change our grip – it was very strange for the first day or two but it quickly became normal and has clearly helped our games. Since we have got back about a month ago we have both lost about 10 stokes from our rounds. I have regularly scored between 90 – 93 on most rounds; I have just won my first boarded competition at the club and expect to get my handicap cut from 30 to about 22 – just waiting for the formal confirmation!!! Keith has managed to break 90 for the first time with a great round of 87!!

We cannot believe the step change in our games and how easy its been to take on board Denise’s instruction. We are lucky that our golf club is where Denise is based so we will be getting monthly lessons to ensure our games continue to progress and our next targets are hit.

Thank you Denise!!

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