Just been looking at your web site (I should be working LOL), thought I would drop you a quick line to thank you so much for making the week in Istlantilla such a great experience. I know you will be very busy, so dont worry if you dont have time to reply. I will try to leave feedback on the form provided on your web site.
Well back in blighty now for nearly 2 weeks & how is my golf going… played in the usual men’s comp @ Haigh Hall 1st Sunday back, but felt a bit “golfed out”, played last Friday on the “Captains Day Out” @ Old Padeswood Golf Club in North Wales, near Mold / Buckley.

Got there early for bacon butties & did 8 holes paired up with a senior at Haigh Hall + a young(ish) visitor (ex member).

Nervous on 1st Tee but the other 2 put me at ease & before long was enjoying the game (even tho score wasn’t good with 9 stableford point for 8 holes – putting letting me down !!!))

Lunch, then out for 18, played MUCH better, & even I could tell I was swinging better concentrating on the follow thro & finish (GETTING ME LEG OVER hahaLOL), hit some cracking irons (even tho I say so myself LOL), short game much improved from the morning session !!

Ended up with 36 points (3/4 handicap from 28 to 21), winner was 39 points so not too bad I think.
Had weekend off, but plan to play 9 this friday night & maybe the sunday comp.
The day out was such an enjoyable experience mainly down to the 2 guys I was with – funny but I do play better when I can chat with playing partners, some of the comps I have played in there is usually at least one grumpy “bar steward” LOL.

Gonna get sorted out with more coaching at club with one of the pro`s Craig Corrigan (who I seem to get on with), with specific goals namely follow tho / finish, then moving on to trying to be able to shape long irons / woods to achieve a draw rather than a fade, oops did I say FADE… Mmmm SLICE LOL.

Anyhow enough of me rambling, just wanted to thank you for your patience during the week & for being such a good teacher & host.
Really wanted to go on your next school in Spain (Ville de Este) but cant see me getting time off work – busy !!!!

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