Hi Denise,

Couldn’t let the holiday go into the scrapbook without a letter to say thanks for an amazing week. We arrived a totally disparate group and left part of a crowd who thanks to you had learned a lot and had loads of fun together.

When asked before travelling home what I would remember the most from the holiday, I replied ‘ the day I played so well features very high of course but more than that I’m overwhelmed by Denise’s absolute dedication to us and the job she does’. You organised everything to maximise our progress; so our groans over the abandonment of the two shift morning system were completely ignored and on the day when the threatening weather¬†finally¬†interrupted play and we thought we just might get a morning off, silly idea, where else would we go but into the board room to putt along the carpet to strategically placed tee-pegs!! Well why not?? No time to be lost and yes, it was undoubtedly the best board meeting that room had ever seen!!

So, my main memory of the week? You – rooting for each and every one of us to make progress and perform well and of course with that sort of support, it was inevitable that we did. You’re a star! But watch it! Don’t let this go to your head. Make sure that the next group gets as good as we got!! I don’t know where you’ll find the energy from but I’ve no doubt at all that you will.

Many many thanks,


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