Just wanted to say thanks for a great 2 days golf last w/e. Since May I have more confidence in my game and I’m really enjoying playing now. I’m looking forward to getting out on the course again on Sat and see if I can remember all my options from around the green!!

I may get a touch of the distance greed syndrome now I am hitting the ball better but hopefully that little voice inside my head will remind me to think of  where I want to play my next shot from! Both Sheila and I were in the trees just before the green on the 8th on Sun pm and I thought about going for it but decided to chip out onto the fairway. Sheila went for it and consequently hit the trees again – lesson learned!

However in my greed for distance (my 3 wood was flying on Sun pm by the way!) I am thinking about getting a driver and wondered if you had any advice on what I should take into consideration. Currently my woods are : 3 wood (18 degree), 5 wood (21 degree), and 7 wood (24 degree). They are all Yonnex but quite old models. Would I be better off getting one fitted?

We did eventually catch up with Viv after we’d played on Sun which was good. It would have been a shame for us all to be at her home club and not see her. Anyway, I’ve now got her tel number so I can keep her in the loop of any more gatherings.

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