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My first golf school of 2018 was at the lovely 5* Almerimar Golf and Spa Hotel. The group enjoyed great sunshine for the stay, a welcome change from the weather in the UK.

We started each day focussing on short-game techniques and tips and followed these sessions working on long-game basics and features. I very much like to video the group on the first day of schools. I adopted a different approach on this occasion by recording actual play on the course. While it is much easier to organise recording on the range, by using the course everyone gets a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses while playing rather than when practicing. It was a surprise to a lot of the group who when watching their video said ‘Where did you take that?’

5* Hotel Golf Almerimar

5* Hotel Golf Almerimar

Over the week we covered all aspects of iron shots, working on stance, swing path, improving direction and ball striking. Opportunity was taken to consider how to get out of trouble, in poor lies, or when the view to the green is obstructed. The short game sessions were brilliant as always with many ‘light switch’ moments experienced. We covered a lot of simple stuff, such as ‘where should the ball be in the stance for a lob shot, which club is best for this type of shot and what options do I have in these situations’. We covered everything, working on swing length, distance control, landing point and run out. I gave everyone drills to use at home to help them consolidate and groove in playing these important shots. In the long game we concentrated on keeping excellent balance and not just trying to knock the skin off the golf ball to get the ball further down the fairway with a driver — balance is key.

Golf course at Almerimar

Morning mist on the golf course at Almerimar

As the week progressed the fun continued but everyone also worked hard and the help they gave to one another was impressive. As we got to the last day it was clear that everyone was tired from the concentration and work they had put in. Before playing a competition I went through a round up clinic and everyone hit a few balls so I had a last look and gave a few words of encouragement. The winner on the day was Tommy, who was the senior member of the group, with a great 31 points on the long and challenging Almerimar course.

Our last night meeting was is Rae’s room for pre-dinner drinks .

A big thank you to you all for the willingness everyone showed to learn and accept the need to adapt and change some aspects of your game.

Almerimar Golf School February 2018 team

The February golf school team

Thanks again, it was rewarding for me and great fun.

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