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Neuro Linguistic Programming
In November 2007 I became a qualified NLP Sports Practitioner. A lot of my friends have asked me what it is and how can it help others... well... this is something that I have been very interested in since I was on tour.

During that time I went to see two sports psychologist to see if they could help my game. They helped so much that I have wanted to know more about that aspect of the game ever since then. I hadn’t had the chance until recently, but I was really pleased to be able to learn from one of the real experts — Jamie Edwards.

Things have moved on since the 80’s and I feel this is the next big era in coaching all sports. The NLP course I did under Jamie’s watchful eye, has helped me with my own golf and given me more tools and techniques to take my coaching of others to a completely new level.

It has given me another tool to help my pupils understand why things go wrong on the golf course and how to cope with it when it does.

So what does NLP stand for?


Nervous system through which our experiences are received and processed through our five senses.


Language and non-verbal communication systems through which neural representational are coded, ordered and given meaning.


The ability to organise our communication and neurological systems to achieve specific desired results.

I now have different drills and exercises to work on with those pupils who attend my schools and lessons, both on the practice ground, and to take with them on the course.

We have to practice with a purpose, not just go to the range and hit balls. I know lots of people who just practice hitting the ball as far as they can, but I believe you have to practice how you play. That means thinking about every shot as you would on the course, looking at the target, checking the alignment is right and rehearsing your pre-shot routine... so you must practice how you play and play like you practice.  Otherwise your practice can be a waste of time.

So this is just a little to grab your attention and explain how I can help you improve how you think both on and off the golf course, and believe me there is plenty more!

So if you find yourself wondering things like...

     Why do I always start badly?

     Why do I always go out of bounds on the 12th?

     Why do I always 3 putt on 6 holes on the course?

     Why do I always mess up on 4 holes?

... I can help you understand WHY it happens, and what we can do together to help stop it.

Read about the Trainedbarin workshop I hosted with Jamie ...

Denise and Jamie Edwards and her recent class at NLP
Denise with Jamie EdwardsDenise with the NLP class
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